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CarbonCore Cortex

Compact Folding Quad or X8 (Octo in Co-Axial Quad configuration)

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Quality. Compact. Practical. Light. Strong. 


The Cortex is the newest Professional 800mm class Multicopter UAV, or Multirotor. Made exclusively with a Carbon Fibre airframe and high quality fittings. And can do the work of any 1200mm Class Octocopter.

Designed to be highly practical as the Cortex folds away in a new and innovative way. Including servo operated Retracting landing legs (aka Retracts) and supplied Assembled. Cortex Carbon Airframe only needing instillation of flight electronics and regulators and two bolts and pins per retract.

Autopilots can also be installed allowing for the failsafes: Return to Home and Auto Land.

Build and fly radio controlled models responsibly. Follow the BMFA rules and guidelines. Multicopters are not drones and must have a competent human operator within line of sight at all times.



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CarbonCore 3-Axis AlexMos Brushless Gimbals

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