CarbonCore 385 LegSet for Legacy Multicopters

CarbonCore 385 LegSet for Legacy Multicopters

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  • CarbonCore 385 LegSet for Legacy Multicopter


  • LegSet to allow forward-mounted gimbals on 12mm tubes spaced at 155mm
  • Extreme strength and light weight - highly robust
  • Quick Release from Legacy Multicopters
  • 2.0mm Carbon Fibre plates and slot-together parts
  • 4x 285mm long CarbonCore Multicopter tubes
  • Retfit the Multicopter Battery Sliders to the counter-balance 2.0mm tray
  • Kits supplied with M3 cap head bolts in steel-oxide (black)
  • Weight to be added
  • Quality controlled and packaged here in the UK: Plain white box
  • Available with 235, 385 or 480mm leg tubes


  • CarbonCore LegSet Assembly Guide (to be added)



  • NOTE: The CarbonCore DJI Retract Adaptor is the same product, with less parts (to be added)



  • Example of a CarbonCore LegSet




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