CarbonCore 500X4

CarbonCore 500X4

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  • CarbonCore 500X4 Quadcopter Frame Kit


  • 500mm frame size (diagonal motor-to-motor)
  • Extreme strength, light weight and highly robust
  • Foldable frame - arms stright out nose & tail
  • 1.0mm Carbon Fibre Frame plates and slot-together parts
  • 4x 185mm long CarbonCore Multicopter motor arms
  • Motor arms are 23mm high x 18mm wide with captive steel threads
  • Height between frames plates: 23mm
  • Single Quick Release Battery Slider Tray
  • Kits supplied with T3 Torx steel-oxide (black) 20mm hex
  • Supplied as a flat-pack kit: Requires assembly
  • Propellers not included


  • CarbonCore 500X4 Assembly Guide - Opens in PDF Viewer

CarbonCore 500X4





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