CarbonCore Legacy Y6 950

CarbonCore Legacy Y6 950

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  • CarbonCore Legacy Y6 950 Multicopter


  • Extreme strength and light weight - highly robust
  • Foldable Frame
  • 950mm motor-to-motor circular diameter frame
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fibre Frame plates and slot-together parts
  • 3x 385mm long CarbonCore Multicopter motor arms
  • Motor arms are 23mm high x 18mm wide with captive steel threads
  • Height between frames plates: 23mm
  • Dual Quick Release Battery Slider Tray
  • Flat CNC legs give 110mm ground clearence to the lower frame plate
  • Kits supplied with Blue Anodised T3 Torx bolts & M3 x 20mm cap head bolts in steel-oxide (black)
  • The difference between the 650 and 950 kits, is the arm length
  • Photographs show the optional Y6650 and 3mm thick motor mounts
  • Quality controlled and packaged here in the UK: Plain white box
  • Optional CarbonCore tube LegSet for payload and batteries
  • Parts have been updated since these photos and vary slightly


  • Y6 950 (Same Assembly Guide for the Y6650)













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