Cortex Antenna Suit

Cortex Antenna Suit

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Cortex Antenna Suit

This listing is for the prototype (In Stock)
Made from Laser Nylon

This is designed specially for the CarbonCore Cortex and DJI A2 and diversity FASST receiver antennas
Will accept a GPS unit upto 62mm in diameter
This can be fitted to any Multicopter or Drone
Designed to fold. Perminantly secures with an M3x30mm bolt

1x Antenna Suit Base (Ball Joints do not fold on this prototype)
2x Diversity Antenna straws
1x Fin with CarbonCore Cortex logo
1x GPS-MAG lower housing
1x GPS-MAG upper housing
2x M3x30mm bolts
6x M3 Nylock nuts

The user is required to glue the parts together with super glue, or two-part epoxy resin (not included) and drill two additional holes in the Cortex lower frame plate


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