Cortex LED Shroud Set

Cortex LED Shroud Set

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LED Shroud Set for the Cortex

3D Printed using Fusion Deposition Modelling (FDM)


This listing is for a set of four, two white, one green and one red.
The LEDs themselves are white.
Each LED strip has two rows of 21 LEDs, totalling 42 LEDs per strip, 174mm long.
Once the LEDs are pressed into the shroud, they are difficult to remove!

When used with the 12V LED strips as supplied in this listing, the resistors on the LED strips do get warm, and make the shrouds warm, this is normal.

When used on a 6S LiPo setup (22.2), the LED strips can be wired 2-in-parallel with 2-in series, so each set has 12V across it. Alternatively a regulator can be used, or an auxiliary 12V battery.

Due to the manufacturing process (FDM) artefacts from the printing process may be left on the shrouds, such as small blobs and plastic hairs.

Shroud Set weight: 42.5g
LED 4-Strip weight: 12.4g

No wires are included.


Additional Photos




Fitted to a CarbonCore QUAD650



Fitted to a CarbonCore Cortex



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