Cortex X8 10X Optical Zoom System 2.9Kg

Cortex X8 10X Optical Zoom System 2.9Kg

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Cortex X8 10X Optical Zoom System - 2.9Kg - With PixHawk Cube Flight Controller


Professionally Assembled and Tested at CarbonCore.
Supplied with Flight Test Log, Basic Start Guide and Safety Checks document.


Flight Tested Systems can only be sold with a Handheld Transmitter.
If you wish to use your own Handheld Tx, then you must send it in to us, at CarbonCore.
Any equipment you already own, and wish to have built-in to the Drone, can be sent-in to us for assembly and testing.


  • 2.9Kg System Weight
  • 4.3Kg 25 minutes flight time in light conditions with 1x 6S, 10Ah battery (1.4Kg)
  • Tiger 3510-25 360Kv motors - very powerful at this flying weight!
  • All drone functions, Return to Home/Launch, Loiter, GPS, Stabilise and Position Hold Modes
  • Folding Arms
  • 4 Weeks to Delivery
  • eMail us at CarbonCore AT to discuss your requirements and to get an accurate quote
  • Please see the list of Included items



Futaba T14SG Handheld Transmitter,     PixHawk Cube 2.1 Flight Controller



Futaba T8FG Handheld Transmitter, Gimbal control



MAUCH Dual Flight Controller Power Supply and 100A Current Voltage Sensor



mRo 433MHz Data Radio Pair




  • Cortex Flight Tested
  • Seeker2: 10X Optical Zoom Camera Gimbal System
  • 12mm Carbon tubes
  • 3D Printed brackets for 12mm carbon tubes
  • Software used in the setup of all devices
  • Manuals in electronic form, of all peripheral devices
  • Chart of Handheld Transmitter Channel Mapping and Assignments
  • Basic Start Guide and Safety Checks Document
  • Flight Plan and Flight Test History Document
  • 8x 4010 Tiger Motors
  • 8x CarbonCore Carbon propellers
  • 8x 30A 25V ESC
  • Fixed Leg Brackets
  • MAUCH PL100 Current Voltage Sensor
  • MAUCH PL 4-6S BEC (Dual FC Power Supply plus 12V BEC)
  • Stock, 235mm Legs
  • Futaba T14SG Handheld Transmitter (Drone control)
  • Futaba T8FG Handheld Transmitter (Gimbal control)
  • Futaba S7008SB Receiver
  • Futaba R617FS Receiver
  • PixHawk Cube Flight Controller with ArduPilot
  • Data Radio Pair mRo 433MHz
  • ImmersionRC Video Transmitter 5.8GHz

Extras (Not included in the advertised price)

  • Support Package - Consider how long for, and what you may require support with
  • Batteries (Minimum of 1x 6S 10Ah)
  • Video Receiver Screen
  • Ground Station


Photos of the Cortex X8 10X Zoom System









Test Video of 10X Optical Zoom Gimbal in Operation on Cortex System




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