Folding GPS Mast PixHawk Cube Here

Folding GPS Mast PixHawk Cube Here

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Folding GPS Mast PixHawk Cube Here

Base Bracket
Base Insert
Tube Post Part
GPS-MAG Bracket
Compression Ring
2x M3x30mm bolts (steel oxide)
4x M3x10mm bolts (steel oxide)
3x M3x16mm bolts (for GPS-MAG fitting)
6x M3 nylock nuts
1x 12x190mm Carbon tube

Specifically designed for the CarbonCore Cortex and PixHawk Cube Here GPS-MAG unit
Can be fitted to any Drone or Multicopter, but the Legacy will require holes drilling in the frame plate

The user is required to glue the carbon tube into the bracket tube parts with two-part epoxy resin,
and drill two additional holes in the Cortex lower frame plate
Extension of the GPS-MAG cable is also required


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